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Forst (UK) Ltd operates a full regrind support service for all broach tools supplied. We can also provide a quality regrind service for broach tools from any other manufacturer.

For maximum tool life from a broaching tool, correct care and regrind procedures is very important. Only broach tool manufacturers can offer a quality broach refurbishment program, to ensure all the features of the tool has been ground correctly.

To ensure maximum quality of our broach regrinds, all broach tools received for regrind are examined by our inspection department and a report detailing the damage and work required. When the regrind work has been completed the tool is examined further to ensure all damage has been correctly removed and the tool geometry is correct.

We are also able to offer the following services;

  • Straightening
  • Weld repairs to HSS tools
  • Modification of existing broach tools to produce alternative forms

If you require further information about our product range and services please contact us.

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